3 Wheel Pneumatic Tyres
1.0 – 1.5 Tonnes

With its ultra-compact design and incredible man­oeuvr­abil­ity, the remarkable FBKRT PAC series is unbeatable in confined working areas such as narrow warehouse aisle and containers. Equipped with a 24 volt battery and efficient AC motors, it’s the perfect choice if you need an economical but productive truck for a few hours each day.

Quick Features

  • Exceptional visibility
  • Powerful AC drive motor
  • Small turning circle
  • New generation control system
  • Integrated Presence System
  • Ergonomic operator compartment
  • Long service interval – 500 hours

Product Specs

ModelLoad Capacity
FB10KRT PAC1000 kg
FB12KRT PAC1250 kg
FB15KRT PAC1500 kg

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