FB25N-FB35N Series



4 Wheel Pneumatic Tyres

2.5 – 3.5 Tonnes

Everything about EDiA EX inspires confidence. Rugged Mitsubishi build quality, simple, effective design… and the kind of smooth, instinctive control that gets the job done right first time, every time. Impressive residual lift capacities means EDiA EX packs the punch you need to lift larger loads to heights of 7 metres – while dual drive motors and +100° rear axle steering give the agility to deliver that big-truck performance in the tightest space.

It can do it safely, too. From the one-spoke steering wheel to the cleverly angled counterweight, every aspect maximises the driver’s all-round view of the job in hand. No expensive gimmicks, just great truck design. What’s more, IPX4 waterproofing and sealed wet disc brakes mean this truck can work anywhere, from hygienic, zero-emission environments – with integral brakes eliminating brake dust – to loading outside in the rain. But the best thing about EDIA EX is the drive. From the moment you slide behind the wheel, everything just feels right. Drivers instantly feel at home – and perform at their best from day one.

Quick Features

  • Exceptional visibility
  • Powerful AC drive motor
  • Sealing of drive motor
  • Hydrostatic power steering
  • Highly efficient regenerative braking
  • Powerful AC hydraulic motor
  • Advanced MOSFET controller adjusts acceleration, travel speed
  • Performance setting – including pre-set modes
  • On-board diagnostics and fault memory folder
  • Driver-friendly fingertip controls

Product Specs

ModelLoad Capacity
FB25N2000 kg
FB30N3000 kg
FB25CN 3000 kg
FB35CN 3500 kg

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