FGC20-33N Series

FGC20-33N Series

LP Gas
4 Wheel Cushion Tyres
2.0 – 3.3 Tonnes

Setting new standards for IC engine cushion tyre count­er­bal­ance forklift trucks, the FGC N series from Mitsubishi has been developed to help your driver achieve maximum productivity. Packed with advanced features, it offers an unbeatable combination of performance, ergonomics, safety and economy.

Quick Features

  • Inbuilt safety features throughout the design
  • Long service interval – 500 hours
  • State-of-the-art LPG engine, with engine management system
  • Active engine protection system
  • Onboard electronics
  • Automotive style pedal layout
  • High-visibility mast
  • Informative Meter Panel

Product Specs

ModelLoad Capacity
FGC20N2000 kg
FGC25N2500 kg
FGC28N2750 kg
FGC30N3000 kg
FGC33N2950 kg

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