Kalmar 5-9 Ton ELECTRIC

Kalmar 5-9 ton Electric

Kalmar has long experience in manufacturing electric trucks. We offer electric trucks from 5 to 9 ton capacity in a varity of wheelbases and widths.
Electric trucks is a excellent choice when handling sensitive goods like food and beverage.

Electric trucks will benefit both the environment and your performance.
Our latest G-generation of electric forklifts, ECG50-90 will truly pay of in the long run.

The Kalmar ECG50-90 will break even in only two years time. Combined with savings from fewer and shorter standstills, faster maintenance and longer service life, this makes the truck a very attractive investment

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Quick Features

Smart and speedy

Energy-efficient technology
One day you might need speed to get things done quickly. The next you might need to normal driving. Eco mode cuts energy consumption by up to 15 per cent compared to previous-generation models.

Smooth and quiet
Driving the ECG50–90 is a smooth and quiet experience, with no vibration and very low noise levels, making it the perfect choice for indoor lifting operations.

Market-leading diagnostics
Our latest diagnostic system detects faults and automatically displays an error code on the operator’s display, so operators can take instant action instead of spending time on troubleshooting. If a service technician needs to be called in, repairs are faster and downtime shorter because the technician can source the relevant spares in advance based on the diagnostic data.

Safe and sound
Safety has always been a Kalmar trademark, and the ECG50–90 is no exception.

For all climates
The ECG50–90 has been tested in the though Swedish winter conditions. It works just as well for outdoor operations as indoor operations.

Environmentally friendly
No more emission affecting the environment our your personel. The ECG50-90 is completly free from fossil fuel emission and is the perfect chioice for both indoor and outdoor operations or handling of sensitive cargo.

Protect your battery
Keeping your battery clean and in top condition is crucial for a safe and reliable operation. The latest generation of electric forklifts from Kalmar i equipped with a battery cover that always follows the machine and is easy to even for on person.

At your service
All service points can be easily reached from a standing position, and the initial 50-hour service of previous-generation machines has been replaced by a 500-hour service.

Product Specs

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