Scrubmaster B70,B90,B120

Scrubmaster B90

Scrubmaster B90:

The Scrubmaster B90 is a high performance, efficient  pedestrian scrubber-drier suitable for use in medium and large sized areas.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty construction and corrosion resistant aluminium brush head casting
  • Cylindrical brush option available
  • Direct Brush Release System for quick and easy changing of brushes
  • Cost saving by Aqua-Control-System;
    • All brushes are equipped with a water retaining ring
    • Brushes and water stop when the machine stands still
    • Precise dosage of cleaning solution
  • Large tank lid for easy cleaning
  • Easy ergonomic operation as a result of the compact, manoeuvrable construction
  • Cost saving squeegee blades which may be used four times
  • Single button operation (CL models only)

Download Scrubmaster-B70-B90-B120 PDF

Quick Features

Product Specs

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