Safe Operation of Forklifts and the movement of materials and Goods

Forklifts and lifting equipment account for a quarter of workplace accidents each year, these include death, Life changing injuries, damage to buildings, and ruined businesses.

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Unsurprisingly it is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive.

  1. Driver Training
  2. Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)
  3. Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)
  4. Health and Safety at Work act 1974

These regulations apply whether the equipment is owned or hired.

Driver Training

Who can drive a Forklift or use manual handling equipment?

Driver Training fact sheets

Any competent person -no license is required.

Who is competent? that is up to the company .

For an industry that is heavily regulated this , this is concerning. In the unfortunate event of an accident you will need to provide evidence that the person is competent to drive that equipment. We provide a training service

We do not condone this and advise all customers to have their drivers trained and have evidence that they have been trained and are a competent driver., we provide a training service to ensure that the operator of the Forklift is a competent person.


into many 100’s of pages. To summarise

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)

ensure that the equipment they use is fit for purpose, maintained to an appropriate standard. It is also necessary to demonstrate safe working practices and record keeping.

PUWER, LOLER,  TE Certifications, Record Keeping and Safe Working Practices

fohen hiring or purchasing a truck the questions we ask will  appropriate for taskyou requestPurchasing a Forklift there are many to regulations be considered. These are PUWERissued by the Health and Safety Executive which must be complied with.

What is a Thorough Examination Certificate (LOLER)?

A LOLER certificate is the Material Handling equipment  equivalent of a Car MOT. A LOLER inspection is more involved than an MOT and a LOLER certificate is not necessarily an annual certification. For example forklifts  used in excess of 40 hours a week require a LOLER inspection every 4 months,  under 40 hours it is 12 months, scissor lifts  are 6 months etc…

Who can issue a LOLER certificate?

An experienced engineer who has undertaken and passed the LOLER course.  Once the inspection is complete a certificate is issued by the engineer for that equipment, we will also have a copy on our system. As the user of the equipment it is your duty to ensure that the equipment has a valid certificate and you will need to monitor the hours if you wish to complete the administration yourself. Our IT system will flag when your equipment is due for a LOLLER, however this information is be based on time scale not hours. To ensure compliance we can monitor this for you.  Our planned or full maintenance agreements will ensure compliance and can include the fees.

When hiring or selling a truck to you we will ask questions to ensure that the equipment hired or sold to you will satisfy the LOLER and PUWER regulations. If necessary we provide a free site check to ensure the equipment you have from us is appropriate for the task  that you have specified to us. No equipment is delivered to a customer without a Valid


Planned maintenance provides you with fidence that your equipment is in good working you both time and money, maintenance agreements will be to a minimum of the manufacturers specification, however if we believe a full maintenance programThis will save you time and money, it reduces the risk of breakdowns and downtime and yowe offer a preventative maintenance service. These maintenance agreements

  • Servicing at regular intervals, can be arranged at a time and place to suit you.
  • Equipment serviced to the manufacturers standard. If your equipment is used in a harsh environment or heavily used,  more frequent and or additional checks may be appropriate. We will advise you if we believe this to be appropriate.
  • Fixed regular payments – No unexpected bills, cash management


You may repair and maintain your own equipment and call us when your equipment is off the road.

Our solution

  • We do not turn any customer away, we repair and service all  makes and models of Forklifts and Lifting Equipment.
  • During normal working hours (9am -5pm Monday to Friday) your call will be answered by our Service Department, your breakdown is logged and an engineer could be with you within 2-4 hours.
  • If you require an engineer outside of these hours we can accommodate, we provide a call out service, 364 days of the year.


servicing-vanOur Service Vans are modern, fully equipped mobile workshops equipped with an extensive inventory of the most commonly used parts. If a part is not on the Van it will be sourced and on most occasions delivered to the Engineer.

Mobile Service Engineers are highly skilled and attend regular manufacturer led training sessions. Our first time fix rate is very high. On most occasions we will have your equipment running on the first visit.

All Mobile Service Engineers are issued with Tablets and diagnostic laptops. Diagrams and photos are sent to the tablets which enables diagnosis. We have also invested in diagnostic laptops to plug into the modern Forklifts to allow for quick diagnostics.

Response Times

StopwatchWe pride ourselves on our outstanding levels of customer service, our response times are mostly between 2 – 4 hours on an immobilised or safety specific breakdown. Normal servicing set the benchmark for our competitors to follow. Response times are usually 2-4 hours to immobilised forklifts. From your phone call we record the breakdown details. Who you are, What forklift, Where is it, What is the fault. From your information we will identify the closest available engineer to you. He will be contacted and given the job, whilst he is driving to you details of the job will be sent to his Tablet. When he arrives he will know who to speak to, what parts are required, the truck history etc…. You do not have to repeat the breakdown information, the engineer has the information and can effect the repair immediately.

Workshop Facilities

workshopbOn occasions it will be necessary for your forklift to be repaired at our modern purpose built depot. This is a secure site, forklifts are garaged in locked units and monitored by CCTV. On site we carry out the tasks that would be difficult for our Service Engineers to complete. Our garages offer complete refurbishment, damage repair, engine rebuilds, mast changes,  spraying to name a few.

Whilst your truck is being repaired or serviced we can provide alternate machines if requested and subject to truck availability.


Out Of Hours

Forklifts do not breakdown 9-5, We provide  an out of hours service for the benefit of our customers. On weekdays this service runs daily from 17:00hrs to 07:30hrs and on Weekends 17:00 hrs on Friday though to 07:30 on Monday. This service is chargeable and should be considered an emergency resource.

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