Forklift trucks are the leading cause of workplace transport accidents. On average, more than 40 people are injured by forklifts in the UK, every single week – many, seriously so.

A significant factor in maintaining a safe site is training. Forklift operators must be adequately trained to operate their equipment. This means comprehensive training, specific to the type of truck they’re using and, crucially, refreshed at regular intervals. Failure to provide this training could result in a substantial fine or even a prison sentence, in the event of an accident.

SWIE-Lift can help. Our experienced accredited forklift instructor is certified to deliver expert training for a variety of forklifts:

  • Counterbalance trucks
  • Reach trucks
  • Pivot-steer trucks
  • Multi-directional trucks

What’s more, we can deliver training on your site, specifically tailoring instruction to your unique work environment, including the specific hazards operators will face and the loads they’ll be handling.

To book training or to discuss your requirements, give us a call on 01639 823000.


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